Robb Stark Races In Rallying's Deadliest Era In New Film Group B

In the 1980s, international rallying was virtually unrestricted. The cars became more and more powerful until a series of horrifying fatal crashes led to the series' cancellation. It's a story worthy of a film. In fact, one is getting made right now and it stars the dude from Game of Thrones. » 3/04/15 3:31pm Wednesday 3:31pm

What Would It Look Like If Doc Brown Drove An Insane Mclaren F1?

I enjoy fan fiction. It allows the viewer to craft their own version of a story that has long since concluded. Here we have a look at a re-imagining of what could have been if Doc Brown sold some of his plutonium at higher market prices and bought himself something a bit faster than the original Delorean. Yes, please. » 2/21/15 11:47am 2/21/15 11:47am

Here's How Awesome A DeTomaso Pantera Would Look In Back To The Future 

Imagination - it's the thing that's gets extruded from children with every Best Of Honey Boo Boo marathon. It's also the thing that allows a person to come up with absolutely mind-blowing artwork, like this impossibly detailed image of a menacing Back To The Future time machine, restyled as a DeTomaso Pantera. » 2/05/15 9:30am 2/05/15 9:30am

Got Some Free Time? Watch Chris Harris On The Joe Rogan Experience

There's nothing better to do on Christmas eve than to curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to perhaps the best interview of one of the most charismatic guys in the automotive world. Here's Chris Harris on the Joe Rogan Experience. Happy Holidays! » 12/24/14 11:46am 12/24/14 11:46am

'Ignition' Captures That Moment When We Become Car Enthusiasts

I think many of us can remember that moment when the spark plug in our mind hits that perfect mixture of oxygen and gasoline and our brain suddenly fills with visions of all the cars we want and never leaves. The short film 'Ignition,' which won the Volvo Cars-sponsored short film contest, captures that moment… » 11/14/14 11:15am 11/14/14 11:15am

APEX Wins Jalopnik Film Festival Audience Choice Award, Piston Trophy

The accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe has reviewed the results from last week's film festival (i.e. added up the cards) and we're proud to announce that APEX: The Story Of The Hypercar is the winner of our first ever Audience Choice Award. Please come pick it up, fellas, this piston is heavy. » 11/12/14 2:05pm 11/12/14 2:05pm

Jalopnik Readers Know How To Party

Maybe there's something inherently cool in the nature of car people that makes them great to party with. Maybe it was all the Blinker Fluid. Whatever the reason, we had a great time partying with y'all during this year's Jalopnik Film Festival. Here are some photos for those who missed it... or can't quite remember it. » 11/10/14 3:26pm 11/10/14 3:26pm

Here Are The Amazing Cars That Came To The Jalopnik Film Festival

The 2nd annual Jalopnik Film Festival was in full swing last night at Brooklyn's Nitehawk Cinemas. The theaters were aglow with inspiring automotive visuals accompanied by the sound of raw horsepower, but the show didn't end there. Here are the awesome cars that were parked outside. » 11/07/14 1:34pm 11/07/14 1:34pm

Here's What You Missed At The Jalopnik Film Festival Last Night

Last night, we kicked off the 2nd Annual Jalopnik Film Festival at Classic Car Club Manhattan. It was an evening full of stars, supercars, and lots and lots of free alcohol. Here's how it went. » 11/06/14 9:48am 11/06/14 9:48am

Meet the Judges Behind the Jalopnik Film Festival


The second annual Jalopnik Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, so Studio@Gawker asked three celebrated personalities in the car world to discuss the experience of judging this year's competition: racer and director Jeff Zwart, Volvo's VP of Marketing, Brand, and Communications Bodil Erikkson, and writer, comedian, and… » 11/04/14 1:12pm 11/04/14 1:12pm

Buckle Up And Watch The Official Trailer For The 2014 Jalopnik Film…

The second annual Jalopnik Film Festival, presented by Volvo Cars, will feature ten films, in five languages, shot on three continents, representing 110 years of the automobile. Here's the official trailer with bits and pieces from all of the selected films. Come back tomorrow for a few more exciting announcements. » 11/03/14 2:01pm 11/03/14 2:01pm

Turner Classic Movies Is Showing Must-See Road Films On Friday Nights

Haven't seen Detour or Badlands or Lost in America? You'll soon be able to catch up on these and other classic road movies. Each Friday night this November, TCM is showing great road movies — hosted by Bill Hader — part of its "Friday Night Spotlight" feature. » 11/02/14 10:10pm 11/02/14 10:10pm