The Third Jalopnik Film Festival Is Going To LA, Baby

Fast cars. Good weather. Movie stars. The third Jalopnik Film Festival is coming up and we’re going to Los Angeles, i.e. an ideal place to enjoy a roadster. We’re combining the best features of the first two festivals to create two days of automotive cinema you’re never going to want to forget. »7/17/15 12:25pm7/17/15 12:25pm

"Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!" Top Gun 2 Details Emerge

After the abrupt passing of director Tony Scott in 2012, Top Gun 2, which was in development at the time, was put on hold indefinitely before being revived last year. Now, according to Hollywood exec David Ellison, the project is again in development. »6/28/15 10:53am6/28/15 10:53am

Two Of YouTube's Biggest Car Channels Could Be Joining Forces

I’m a car junkie. When I’m not working on a car, writing about a car, or looking for my next car, I’m watching car videos on the internet. I’m a hoot at parties. That’s why I’m positively tickled pink that the forces behind the Mightycarmods channel and Motor Trend’s popular Roadkill series may be working together in… »6/26/15 6:00pm6/26/15 6:00pm

How To Become An Automotive Journalist Without Going To School For It

The hardest part of being a successful automotive journalist is proving your worth and getting your foot in the door, especially if you don’t have any formal knowledge of the subject. Today on Offtrack, I talk to Road & Track writer Robert “Bob” Sorokanich about how to become a somebody in a field in which you know… »6/19/15 11:03am6/19/15 11:03am

Here's How To Get 200,000 YouTube Subscribers Starting From Scratch

There’s a lot of competition for views in YouTube’s automotive community, and content creators are trying to find any way to differentiate themselves from their car-loving peers. That’s why the guttural tone of Mr. Regular’s “voice” and insightful views on mundane cars is so damn refreshing, and why the Regular Car… »6/06/15 2:22pm6/06/15 2:22pm

Inside The Writers Room Of The New Transformers Movie

While director Michael Bay might not be known in film circles for his nuance or profound cinematic leaps forward, one thing is undeniable: his films resonate. Transformers grossed $319 million, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen grossed over $400 million and was second only to Avatar in box office gross for 2009.… »6/06/15 1:38am6/06/15 1:38am

Strap In For 18 Minutes Of Raw Behind-The-Scenes Mad Max Footage

Mad Max: Fury Road is nothing short of a full-on two-hour assault for the senses. Even though you’ve been told that almost all the stunts were real, it’s almost hard to believe when seeing it on the big screen. So here’s over 18 minutes of raw footage, so you can see them really doing it for yourself. »5/19/15 10:29am5/19/15 10:29am